Branding / Stellar Value Chain Solutions


In 2016, Mr. Anshuman Singh had shared an audacious dream with Azendor as his brand brief: to create a new company in the logistics / supply chain domain that will redefine “managing supply chain / logistics” to “adding value by creating value chain transformation” for its client organisations. In the process, improve India’s rank in the global LPI (Logistics Performance Index). 

This resulted in a six-month project, which included formally defining the brand strategy, creating a brand brief, running the creative agency pitch process, selecting an agency, creating the final brand identity with the chosen agency, working on the initial communications plan, hiring and training a brand communications manager, and ensuring that the brand management process was seamlessly integrated within Stellar.

This was Azendor’s first B-O-T brand project (build – operate – transfer) – a model that many clients are finding very interesting to explore.