Azendor Legal is a Media & Entertainment law firm.

Established in 2009 by the legal head of a media conglomerate, Azendor today offers legal solutions, primarily to clients in the media & entertainment sector - film, television, digital media, music, live events, sports, gaming, merchandising, publishing and advertising. Under the leadership of highly experienced and senior partners, Azendor meets the diverse regulatory, transactional and business needs of its clients. Going beyond just traditional legal support, Azendor plays an active role of a business-enabler and creates a balance between business aspirations and legal requirements, while securing its clients’ interests.



  • Advise Producers, Directors, Actors, Screenwriters, Music Composers, Singers, Lyricists, Advertisers and Financiers on documentations related to production, promotion, distribution and commercial exploitation of Films (including music rights)
  • Represent clients before Courts and Industry Associations


  • Advise Broadcasters, DPOs, Producers, Directors, Actors, Screenwriters and Advertisers on documentations related to production and commercial exploitation of Television Series and linear distribution of Television Channels
  • Advise clients on licensing and compliance
  • Represent clients before Courts, Ministries, Regulatory Bodies and Industry Associations


  • Advise Digital Media Platforms, Producers, Directors, Actors, Screenwriters and Advertisers on documentations related to set-up, production, acquisition and commercial exploitation of Content
  • Represent clients before Courts and Industry Associations


  • Advise Producers, Music Labels, Music Composers, Singers and Lyricists on documentations related to production, acquisition and licensing of music rights as well as documentations related to live events
  • Represent clients before Courts, Copyright Societies and Industry Associations


  • Advise Organisers of Live Events (Sports, Music, etc.) on necessary permissions and documentations related to sponsorships, marketing, promotion and ticket sales


  • Advise Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Actors and Sports personalities on documentations related to brand endorsement and merchandising


Indranil Banerjee

Managing Partner - Legal

indranil.banerjee@azendor.com +91 98186 22996

A business lawyer, Indranil has a rich and varied experience of over 20 years. He was a part of leading law firms and has represented a wide range of clients (including Fortune 500 companies) from the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, in the areas of corporate and commercial law as well as dispute resolution. In the corporate sector, he has held leadership positions at Star India (Regulatory & Corporate Affairs) and DEN Networks (Legal & Regulatory Affairs).