Branding / Fractal Analytics


As a part of its overall strategy to achieve its very ambitious business growth objective, Fractal’s brief was to look at its branding and recommend changes, if any, to align its brand to its business.

As a first step, the marketing task was arrived at, in a client led joint workshop: to grow the business, grow the average value of the deals, not just increase the number of deals.

To do so, Fractal had to engage its clients in conversations about the larger business issues they faced, and not just a specialist analytics led discussion.

Research among Fractal’s various stakeholders – customers, employees, advisors, industry bodies – helped to understand the brand perception of Fractal at that time, which could possibly be a barrier to the new conversations Fractal wanted to have with its clients.

A day long workshop, moderated by Azendor, with the Fractal leadership team, pointed towards the new direction which would help achieve the marketing task. This direction was taken forward into a formal brand strategy, and was used to brief creative and design agencies for a new brand identity.

We Azendor worked with Fractal’s team in the creative pitch process to finalise an agency and was associated with the team in the process to select a new brand identity.