About Us

Azendor is a response to the way business leaders are thinking today.

Organisations are looking for partners who are highly experienced professionals at the top of their game, and who can provide holistic support services in business functions which are essential, but non-core, to the organisations’ businesses so that they can focus on excelling in their core competency.

Azendor has been founded by Indranil Banerjee and Sourabh Mishra, professionals with rich and very senior level experience from some of the largest and most renowned organisations in their domains, by merging their respective firms, Indus Lexus and Sourabh Mishra Brand Consulting, respectively. They realised that the clients’ need to engage professionals for their critical, but non-core, business functions and came together to pool their services and offer a repertoire of support services under a common brand name – Azendor: a name inspired by ‘ascender’, which is a mountaineering device that keeps climbers safe as they climb up steep terrains.

Azendor’s flat operational structure ensures that the top talents work on every client’s business. This brings in agility and ensures that nothing is lost in translation in interactions with the clients.

Azendor works on a collaborative model. It has a curated network of external specialists, in addition to in-house experts, who help create bespoke teams for every client requirement.



Managing Partner - Legal

A business lawyer, Indranil has a rich and varied experience of over 20 years. He was a part of leading law firms and has represented a wide range of clients (including Fortune 500 companies) from the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, in the areas of corporate and commercial law as well as dispute resolution. In the corporate sector, he has held leadership positions at Star India (Regulatory & Corporate Affairs) and DEN Networks (Legal & Regulatory Affairs).


Managing Partner - Branding

A brand strategist, Sourabh has about 25 years of work experience, having worked as the Chief Strategy Officer at advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi India, TBWA\India, Everest Communications and Bates CHI & Partners India. He has led the planning function at Ogilvy (Mumbai and Bangalore), McCann Erickson (Bangalore) and Contract (Bangalore and Delhi). He has also worked as a brand strategist at BPL Telecom and Reliance Capital.